VISION HLT has well-defined processes to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information submitted by you, including online forms and feedback.

Information collected by VISION HLT: VISION HLT collects information from Users that the Users provide to VISION HLT at the time of registration (e.g., name, phone number, address, etc).

Why VISION HLT collects information and how VISION HLT uses it: The Website allows Users who are interested to become suppliers, Customers or employees of VISION HLT to get in touch with VISION HLT by filling the registration forms available on the Website. Users who are customers, suppliers or employees of VISION HLT, can use the Website to provide feedback on VISION HLT's services. VISION HLT uses the information collected by it to process the registrations received by it from Users, and get in touch with the Users who are either interested Suppliers or are customers and employees of VISION HLT, to build long-term successful partnerships for example information collected from potential suppliers may be used to evaluate the suitability of the respective supplier or feedback received from customers can be used to improve VISION HLT’s services.

VISION HLT also collects feedback from Users who choose to provide feedback or express their grievances with respect to their experiences at our websites or any of the services provided by VISION HLT. Users can also choose to provide their feedback anonymously, and VISION HLT uses this information to improve its services and resolve their queries.

How VISION HLT shares information: VISION HLT does not share any information collected by it with any third parties or affiliates.

VISION HLT reserves the right to collect, use, preserve, and disclose any personal information about any User or their use of the Website, including its contents, without your prior permission if VISION HLT has a good faith belief that such action is necessary to:


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